Throughout the world we are all taking a greater interest in the environment whether it is in the form of re-cycling or evaluating the energy efficiency of household goods. At Profix we have had a comprehensive environmental policy for several years, which includes the recycling of materials within our operation and the processing of materials taken from site during refurbishment projects and was awarded ISO 14001 environmental standard in 2009.

We also understand the implications of the product we install and that is why we have worked with our suppliers to improve levels of energy efficiency. Our Protherm range of windows and doors are Energy Rated and approved by The Energy Saving Trust and improve the heat retention properties for customers thus saving additional money on energy costs.

We have restricted our vehicles to 57mph which has reduced our emissions and fuel consumption by 18%. When we did this study we understood that our motorway speed would reduce and would therefore increase labour costs, but the saving in fuel has balanced the cost associated with this and so we have reduced our carbon foot print for deliveries without increasing costs. Reducing speed on motorways also contributes to better traffic management and increased driver safety.


As a forward-thinking company we understand the implications of our activities on the environment and it is something we constantly review as a matter of company policy. All of our raw material is computer optimised to reduce waste at entry to production, collection of scrap PVCu, Glass and packaging material is done by our supply chain partners.


We have specific objectives with respect to the environment which included the recycling of all waste materials involved in the production and installation of our products including the old windows and doors which were recycled at the Profix factory. It was also important to avoid any waste disposal in landfill or in incinerators with the key aim to reduce pollution and to help conserve all natural resources. Virgin raw materials were specified for the new windows and doors.

When it comes to the recycling of old windows and doors, handles go for metal re-processing, glass into a separate skip and the old timber windows and doors were placed in a dedicated skip following removal of all metal and glass. This timer is then taken to our local wood shredder in Birmingham, the resulting chipped wood are used in demolition timber and pallets.

Profix operate in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001 that sets out requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS) to be employed to measure and document our environmental impact.

The ISO 14001 standard is designed to reflect changes in environmental consciousness. The standard requires Profix to take a hard look at all areas where our activities have an environmental impact. It has led to benefits such as the following: reduced cost of waste management, savings in consumption of energy and materials, lower distribution costs, improved corporate image among regulators, customers and the public, and framework for continual improvement of environmental performance.